Bio Set

BioSET - Allergy Elimination Technique

BioSET (Bioenergetic Sensitivity and Enzyme Therapy) is a natural holistic health care system that is based on energetic medicine and acupuncture meridian therapy to prevent and resolve chronic health conditions, such as, food/environmental allergies, food sensitivities, poor metabolism, asthma, ADD/ADHD, among other conditions.

BioSET is comprised of three branches of healing: Enzyme therapy, organ specific detoxification, and a revolutionary, non- invasive, mostly permanent, Allergy Elimination Technique.

BioSET was developed by Dr. Ellen Cutler, to naturally resolve chronic health conditions through acupuncture meridian balancing, enhanced digestion, and desensitization of any allergen. BioSET enables us to detoxify the body and reprogram it so that it no longer tries to combat the things that are good for us and helps the body focus on eliminating those substances that are destructive to our health.

BioSET uses:
  • A state of the art, FDA registered, computerized allergy/sensitivity testing machine called the Meridian Stress Assessment (MSA). We test the body's acupuncture meridians against different food and/or environmental sensitivities to evaluate whether to body is stressed or weakened to these substances.
  • Assessment for digestive enzymes, systemic enzymes (supplements with nutrients and herbs for balancing of organs, tissues, and cells), and homeopathic drops for organ specific detoxification and drainage.
  • BioSET desensitization: is an acupressure technique which utilizes allergen frequencies and energetics to fully clear and or reprogram the individual via the nervous and acupuncture meridian system to any allergen or sensitivity. BioSET balances acupuncture meridians that have been blocked by allergens which have produced a multiplicity of health symptoms that can become chronic. This natural non-invasive revolutionary desensitization can clear most sensitivities almost permanently.

    Key Benefits
  • Non-Invasive Allergy Elimination
  • Balancing of the body systems
  • Relief of some Chronic Conditions
  • $49 First Visit: Consultation, Examination, and Adjustment*


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