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What's your FitnessAge?

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It's the only Age that matters!

What Is FitnessAge?

FitnessAge is the breakthrough fitness assessment program that inspires and motivates real change. As the leading fitness assessment tool in the fitness industry, FitnessAge provides a fun and easy to understand fitness assessment experience.

Age vs FitnessAge:

A 42 year old can have a FitnessAge of 64 or 24, depending on how well they have looked after themselves. For example, if this 42 year old had neglected their health and fitness and their FitnessAge is 64, this means they are physically performing at the same level as the average 64 year old. On the flip side, an older individual who is health conscious could maintain the physical condition of a much younger person.

Our Theory On Aging:

Ever wondered whether you’re aging faster or slower than you should be? After reaching the age of 21, your chronological age has very little meaning or relevance when compared to the physical condition of your body and overall health. Aging doesn’t happen with just the rising and setting of the sun, but rather is heavily influenced by how you treat your body.

The Motivation You’ve Been Looking:

For No fitness program can get off the ground without motivation. Typically, the catalyst that causes people to change their habits and take fitness seriously is something personal. FitnessAge operates in a similar way. When you discover your FitnessAge, these instantly understood results act as an impetus for lasting health improvements. FitnessAge has given over 150,000 people the motivation needed to lose weight, get in shape and increase their daily energy.

How Your FitnessAge is Calculated:

The patented FitnessAge software takes your test scores and then matches them to a national database of scores. From this, we are able to determine your FitnessAge which is comprised of your BodyAge, CardioAge, FlexAge & StrengthAge.

How Long Does It Take?

Your FitnessAge assessment is conducted privately or in a small group session by one of our professional fitness coaches and takes just about 20 minutes.

What Are The Tests?

Experts all agree that fitness is more than just muscles or cardio. Fitness is comprised of 4 key categories, all of which are tested by FitnessAge.

BODY — Body Fat %, Weight, and Body Measurements

CARDIO —Resting Pulse and Recovery Pulse (3-minute step test)

FLEXIBILITY — Sit and Reach (touch your toes)

STRENGTH —Sit-ups (1 minute) and Push-ups (until fatigue)

The tests used in FitnessAge are all industry standard tests that are also used by the world’s leading authorities on exercise physiology.

Online Access and Tracking:

Once your assessment is complete, you can access your results online anytime and track your improvement.

Contact us today for details on discovering on how you can see your FitnessAge!

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