Re Set

"ReSET your Life!"

Dr. Brian L. Sailor has developed this unique program for the "Stressed out" person. Our bodies give us many signs and symptoms that most of us ignore...most commonly:

Headaches, Neck Pain, Low Back Pain, Food sensitivities/allergies, Environmental allergies, Weight gain, Food cravings, Decreased energy, Frequent colds or infections, and Depression.

These signs and symptoms are usually the result from specific stresses such as:

Physical Stress, Chemical Stress, Emotional Stress

That's why our "ReSET your Life" plan was developed. This program focuses on these three stresses that affect our lives. The program deals with the structural issues through chiropractic, therapeutic massage, and physical therapy. The chemical stress is dealt with by our unique pain free sensitivity/allergy elimination treatment. Dr. Sailor utilizes a state of the art computerized test to determine the hidden chemical stresses that affect your body. Finally, if we build up the body to deal with the first two stresses than naturally we can help the body deal with the emotional stresses.

Stress can cause your body to break down and become sick. Don't let this happen to you! Take the time for yourself, and make sure your body is balanced, and let us help you "ReSET your Life!"

For details on our "ReSET your Life!" Plan, click below and call our office to schedule a FREE Consultation with Dr. Brian Sailor. 630.492.0868

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